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CVC version 12.30 released


New CVC version brings some new features as well as bug fixes.

We just released new version of Cue Visual Composer.

What is new
  • Insert device driver into project supports import from CUE cloud
  • New project from template supports templates from CUE cloud
  • New commands PBKDF2_HMAC_SHA256, HMAC_SHA256
  • SCEP protocol for enrolling and renewing 802.1x or HTTPS certificates is supported by units
  • smartCUE-versatile.R04, smartCUE-relay.R04, controlCUE-versatile.R04 and controlCUE-basic.R04 support HTTPS in AdminWEB

Fixes for SimpleSetup in controlCUE-basic.R04
  • If the connection mode of the IP device driver was set to keep connected, resending the command did not work properly
  • For IP device drivers, a short timeout between sending the command and closing the channel has been added
  • For IP device drivers, add automatic clearing of the receive buffer

Please note, that appCUE is available for all platforms
  • For Windows from CUE web site
  • For iOS from App Store
  • For Android from Google Play.
New version of Application Loader is available too.

For more details about new version please contact