Company overview

Meet CUE, a.s. and its vision

CUE designs, manufactures, and markets IP-based integration systems and reservation systems with beautiful touch panels that enhance lifestyle, work style, entertainment, and communication.
CUE provides the essential enabling hardware and software for a wide variety of solutions including residential, corporate, educational, industrial and government applications.
Employing individuals with years of AV industry, research and development experience, the company is continually improving through the usage of new technology.

Through strong partnership and ongoing involvement, CUE understands that all success depends upon customer’s respect, loyalty, and trust. Because of that, CUE values all its customers and attempts to understand their needs, and sets challenging goals for its people to meet customer's demands.
CUE will keep on developing the skills and creativity of its team and establish long-lasting relationships with CUE distributors, dealers, and partners.

Why choose us?

  • Quality over quantity
  • All manufactured in the Czech Republic
  • Easy control and installation
  • Simple but stunning designs
  • Excellent support
  • Good reputation for reliability and friendly assistance
  • Well-built personal relations
  • Creative team of motivated professionals
  • In-depth knowledge
  • Multinational customer base

Our mission

  • To bring prestige, usability, and enjoyment to consumers.
  • To create and provide the best technology, software, and services - all backed up by a team of dedicated professionals.
  • To deliver intuitive user interfaces that ease people’s lifestyle, support simple communication, and provide simplicity in an electronically puzzling, confusing world.
  • To strive for uncompromising quality and excellence

Want to know more?

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