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Business & Professional Applications

Meeting rooms & Conference spaces

The Cue System offers the following benefits for meeting & conference rooms
  • Trouble-free running of presentations, automated one-touch control (for example, by pressing a button labelled PRESENTATION the whole room is set up into presentation mode – the projector is turned on, the projection screen rolls out, AV inputs are switched over to the presentation computer, appropriate light conditions are established, etc.).
  • Nobody is put under stress of using complex technologies – the systems offers intuitive controlling with a minimum of control features.
  • With the Cue System, the operator can control the entire technical equipment in the room (audio–visual technology, projectors, monitors, DVD players, lighting, heating, air–conditioning, window blinds, etc.) on one panel.
  • Lighting can be controlled by pre-set light scenes which set all lighting devices to the desired light mood, simply by pressing a single button.
  • Remote control of rooms – if the operator has any problems with running the device, he or she can call the technical centre, which can set things remotely.
  • Remote and automated diagnosing, allowing for timely action in servicing (for example, the Cue System sends an e-mail to the service centre indicating that a lamp in the projector needs to be replaced or a filter has to be cleaned, or sends a warning that a device is not working properly).

Training rooms and classrooms

In classrooms or training rooms the Cue System makes it possible to
  • Simplify the operation of audio-visual equipment, lighting or HVAC.
  • Carry out central supervision of all rooms in the building and administer technology in all rooms
  • centrally (e.g. central switching off of electrical equipment at night including rooms where teachers may have forgotten to turn off some of the facilities).


The Cue System facilitates automated control of AV shows in museum expositions both by museum staff and visitors.

Lecture halls

In large lecture halls, the Cue System makes it possible to
  • Simplify the operation of all complex AV technologies currently in use, such as switching microphones, controlling sound systems, operating matrix switchers, video cameras and signal sources as well as running light effects – all this from one ergonomically designed touch panel.
  • Distribute AV technology into several zones at venues where the lecture hall can be divided into more rooms by means of movable walls.
  • Manage the distribution of audio-visual signals between several lecture halls.

Government and Justice

The Cue System provides one-touch equipment to control AV technology such as audio and video conference facilities, voting equipment or recording devices in conference and court rooms. It dramatically reduces the number of technical staff needed for the controlling of those devices.


In hotel spaces, the Cue System offers automated control of audio-visual equipment, lighting, heating, air-conditioning and other kinds of modern technology in meeting and conference rooms.

Network Operation Centres (NOC)

The Cue System offers
  • Automated operation of multi-screen systems.
  • Automated control of distributing AV signals for visual display units.
  • Controlling sources of AV signals, video cameras, recording equipment or sensors.
  • Elimination of error during operation, simplified manipulation.