Cloud-based management

Access your Cue System from anywhere


  • Simple, flexible, and secure on-demand cloud solution 
  • Available through standard Internet-enabled devices No public IP address required for site 
  • Secure communication 
  • 24/7/365 availability

Software projects

  • Cue Visual Composer project programming 
  • Project upload to cloud 
  • Site project upgrade 
  • Upgrade acceleration 
  • Costs reduction

Mobile applications

  • Control applications available from the cloud 
  • Free appCUE for Apple iOS, Android, or MS-Windows 
  • Easy and intuitive application setup 
  • Simple access from any Internet-connected device 
  • Software license available on the cloud

User accounts

  • Available for all users
  • Easy access with just e-mail & password 
  • Simple site creation and deletion 
  • User-friendly site management 
  • Software license management

Software floating licenses

  • Tool for license registration
  • Flexible license management
  • License transfer 
  • In most cases used for appCUE 
  • Floating licenses are available for authorized users

Web user interface

  • Web-based interface for easy monitoring and control
  • Typical for site mode, heating, energy, security, etc.
  • Accessible from any device via the Internet browser
  • Communication in open-source data format, e.g. JSON
  • Modules for site programming are available

Site management

  • Site = Cue System installation
  • Site unique identification and friendly name
  • Site details: description, location, picture, etc.
  • Site administration
  • Software projects and licenses

Firmware management

  • Automated firmware upgrade
  • The latest firmware version guaranteed
  • Firmware versions managed by the manufacturer
  • Cost-effective firmware upgrade acceleration
  • Costs reduction

Site monitor & control

  • Available anywhere with the Internet-enabled device
  • Real-time site data and remote preset activation
  • Used for site mode, heating, ventilation, energy, 
  • security, locks, doors, gates, etc.
  • Standardized or customized user interface